People are looking for an employee experience that captures their imagination from the first point of contact. Work is about more than benefits, compensation, and growth. It is about meaning, fulfillment, community, and support. We walk companies through a customized framework that identifies unique factors that will increase the attractiveness of the employee experience. As the employee experience is enhanced, retention and engagement go up, and people settle into a relationship with work that is meaningful and lasting.


Our Services

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  • Employee Experience Assessment

  • Analysis of Current People Infrastructure

  • Insights & Recommendations



  • Delivery of Custom People Infrastructure

  • Interim People Partner

  • Hands-on Leadership Guidance



  • Customized Career Guidance

  • Resume and Personal Branding

  • 1 on 1 Coaching


About the Founder

Amy Cwalina has spent her career focused on the employee experience. Specializing in tech startups, she has helped companies build out their People operations, talent strategies, and employer branding. She believes that a company needs to care about the experience a person has with them from the initial interaction as a candidate, to the time that they’re an employee, and ultimately when they become an alumni of the organization. Her background working with over 40 portfolio companies via a Venture Capital firm, to being the first “People person” at one of Chicago’s fastest-growing Unicorn companies makes her a well-rounded resource and partner to your company’s People initiatives.

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